Makeup Revolution have various different dupes for high end products and when I seen the reloaded iconic division pallete I automatically thought of the one from Anastasia Beverly Hills called subculture. which I don’t have due to the inconsistencies in the pallete. It’s a shame really because the colours in the pallete look gorgeous but the reviews on the formula are rubbish so that’s why I picked up this one. The colours are great dupes so I wanted to see how they would perform.

What it claims

Time to get RELOADED! Our makeup revolution reloaded 15 shade eyeshadow palettes that are bound to pack a punch at an affordable price. Warm burnt shades for lovers of orange and burgandys, in a variety of matte and shimmer shades. Highly pigmented, long wearing, smooth and blendable eyeshadow shades that will keep you on trend all year round.


It’s the pretty standard packaging for a cheap pallete.  MUA does the same style. It’s clear flimsy plastic with No mirror. It does look cheap and probably will break if you drop it one too many times. There are 15 shades in the pallete which 3 of are shimmers and for £4 that’s really great value.



The pan sizes are also nice decent sizes so the pallete in terms of looks isn’t too bad for the drugstore. On the back is just a sticker with the ingredients list and information.


Formula & Swatches

Most of the eyeshadows have good pigmentation except a few of the lighter shades on the top row. They build up easily and have a nice creamy texture. The only downfall is that there is a lot of fall out but I was expecting that considering the price, It’s  nowhere near as bad as the ABH Pallete.

Here are the swatches I done on my arm with no product underneath. There aren’t any names to the eyeshadows so starting from the bottom of my arm is the top row.


These swatches doesn’t do the eyeshadows any justice as I’d say they look far better on the eye. Especially the shimmers. The warm tones are better than the greens and look far better in my opinion. However I did create this halo eye look on one of my sisters. I do apologies for the state of her eyebrows. There in great need of some sorting out.


Final thoughts

Once again the drugstore have amazed me with the quality of their products. makeup revolution have loads of great products and this is just another to add to the list. I am hopefully going to get out and try a few of the others they have as they have a few different ones.

Could you recommend me any other good palletes from the drugstore? Have you tried any of makeup revolutions palletes? Let me know down in the comments, Thank you!! Xxxx

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