I never stray from my usual brow pomade that I use from L’oreal as I’ve had so many eyebrow mishaps in the past. I am just not prepared for another one to go unnoticed. However I did see this and I was intrigued. How could it possibly work? So I decided I’d give it a quick review on here so we can all be surprised together.

Packaging & Applicator  : The outside packagaing is pretty standard. Its plastic but it’s in no way flimsy so it’d be good for your makeup bag and there would be nothing to worry about and the colour on the lid represents the colour of the product which was handy in store to get a rough idea of which one to pick up.

The applicator is what made me want to pick this up in the first place. It’s the oddest thing.


I suppose the idea behind it is to draw on your brows with the applicator and then brush them out and set them with the brush. Which may I add is awfully large compared to my eyebrows so I was sceptical at first about how precise this could be.

First Impressions : When I first tried this I thought it was complete rubbish. I’d used the applicator to draw them on and it was applying too much product in one area and then not enough in the next so it did look daft. I didn’t know how to go about getting the fade at the front either so they ended up block brows and I just washed them off and chucked it back in my drawer.

Formula and Swatch : The staying power is phenomenal, once it’s applied and dried down it stays all day and doesn’t budge until I wash it off. The actual product is liquid like a mascara and is the right amount of pigmentation I want for my eyebrows.


Once it’s applied it’s easy blended when brushed threw with the spoolie but doesn’t budge once dry which isn’t a bad thing. There’s 4 shades in the range and I picked up 03 Cool brunette.


My thoughts now : I tried it again a few days later when I was in a rush and I was intending on just using the mascara. However one thing led to another and there I was filling them in with the applicator again and to my surprise I got it to work! This is how it looks when applied properly.


I’ve got to be honest and say it’s not for anyone with tiny eyebrows as the applicator can’t be very precise because of how big it is but if you’re just needing something to fill them in and add a little colour then this does a good job. I’ve used it quite a few times now and it will be staying in my normal routine as it’s quick and easy.

Have you seen anything like this before? And Would you try it? Let me know down in the comments xxx

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