My bags are packed and I’m ready to go! I’m so over being pregnant now I just want baby to come. I’m sat here at half one in the morning absolutely sleep deprived but hey ho, I’ve just one week left!

How I’m feeling: Very irritable, Everything seems to pick away at my nerves at the moment. Nothing seems to be done and ready in my mind even though it is. I’m definelty nesting because I’m completely obsessed with cleaning at the moment and organising things I otherwise probably wouldn’t. I’m always wanting to be doing something at the moment. I’m constantly on my feet.

Crampy, it’s like I’m having my period again accept There is no blood. The cramps are like a less painful period cramp more like a … I can’t think of the word but there manageable they don’t stop me from getting on with things there just an annoyance and a bit achy. I’m needing a number two a lot and I feel a little hot and bothered down there like my period is here. The lower back ache is very very mild it’s like a little fly in the room. It’s there, it’s a little annoying but only if I concentrate on it.

Itchy and swollen, I can’t stop itching my belly it’s so frustrating I can’t get it out of my head. The stretch marks have spread to my belly and I’ve now got a rash round that area too. Just thinking about it makes me want to scratch. It’ll just be because of the stretching but oh my days it’s the worst thing on this planet. I’ve also noticed my feet have gotten fatter… which is a nice touch Mother Nature. Much appreciated.

Changes in my body: I have definitely  lightened which means he has dropped down into my pelvis ultimately making my belly look quite low. I’m now right up to 57kg and I don’t think I’m going to get any bigger. Overall throughout this entire pregnancy I have gained a total of 15kg and since my last scan at 37 weeks they checked his weight at just over 7lbs so he will be much bigger now. My boobs are quite sensitive some days and they’re definitely growing a little again probably preparing for breastfeeding but that’s about as much as my body has changed over the past few weeks.


Medical : He is very large for his age and is right at the top of the scale which worried the midwife meaning she asked me to go into hospital to check for diabetes. I really did not enjoy the test what so ever as I couldn’t eat or drink for twelve hours. They also made me drink glucose syrup which when I’m absolutely starving, feeling sick and dying of thirst I really struggled to get it down me. I also had to wait 2 hours on a hospital bed until they could take my bloods so I ended up falling asleep. All is well though as the tests came back fine and I have not developed gestational diabetes. He is healthy just a little chubby. which isn’t a bad thing. Everything else is fine too, my iron levels are back up to normal so I’ve been shortened down to taking just 1 iron tablet a day rather than 3 and my urine came back fine also. Everything seems to be going really well and now it’s just a waiting game.

My pregnancy journey is coming to an end, Faster than I thought it would but My point is, Being pregnant especially at my age has been so tough on my body and my mind. I’ve loved the experience don’t get me wrong and I hope to be able to experience it again one day.


update! It’s Friday and I went in for a scan today, everything is going well and he now weighs 7.13 pounds so he has slowed down with the weight gain and he’s doing brilliant. 4 days left!!


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