Hi guys! Today I’m excited to bring to you a makeup look I decided to create centred round one of the Revlon lip products I reviewed the other day.

I’m definetly not the best at makeup but I tried my best so here we are.


I’ll start off by explaining the eyeshadow look. It’s pretty simple if you ask me. All the eyeshadows I used came from the World Famous Neutrals Kit from benefit cosmetics. Which retails for £24.50.


I first applied “kiss me, i’m tipsy in the crease, I then continued to build it up until it was deep enough. I then went in with “gilt-y pleasure” on the eyelid for a bit of shimmer. After that I put some of “call my buff” in the inner corner and on my brow bone to brighten them up.

I also took an eyeliner pencil and smudged some eyeliner along my tight line and smoked it out a little before I applied some eyelashes so they would look more natural.


I used a lip liner to outline my lips to begin with as I found the lip stain stays in place better with one. I then used the Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain in the shade New York Scene.


I done a review on a few of the shades which you can have a read at Here If you would like. I was quite surprised by these and I’m happy to say I’m wearing them more often than I thought I would.

Apart from the base which the majority of the makeup I used for that is in my My everyday makeup routine. I am done! Here is a little look at the products I used incase i’ve missed a few out.


So I hope you like my little makeup look of the day. If you would like more or have any suggestions or ideas of what kind to do next,let me know down in the comments. Bye lovelies! Xx

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