Last Saturday I attended as a guest to one of my boyfriends relatives evening wedding reception. Even though I ended up throwing up with no shoes, trying to drink a cold can of vegetable soup it was still a nice night. however that’s a whole other story. Today I was hoping to go over what I wore even though the outfit didn’t stay as pretty as it was by the end of the night.

So I will start off with accessories. I decided it would be the best idea to wear my nicest jewellery out. Mostly because it was the only set I owned that the earrings and necklace matched but also because it was a fancy event ( so I thought).

The set I wore is from Warren James.


They both have crystals from Swarovski in them and they shine really nicely in the light which I also like about them.

The necklace is just a classic infinity necklace simple and dainty looking which I really like about it. The earrings are quite large and are similar to a hoop but the crystals in them sparkle like crazy and they are gorgeous. I got this set from my sister for my 16th back in September and I’m so grateful for it. They are stunning!!

I also popped on some fake nails and of course some eyelashes. Both of which I purchased from primark, the eyelashes were £1.50 and the nails £2. I really do enjoy primarks nails and eyelashes. They are proper good and the nails stay on usually around 3 days. They have such a large variety as well.


Now onto the actual outfit I wore for the night.

The dress I got a few days before the evening because that’s when I got invited. Which I had to order online as in my town there are NO shops that sells maternity wear. H&M has a tiny section which is just the very basics which was no good for me and unfortunately I didn’t have any dresses in my closet that would fit over my gigantic tummy. I decided to go online to Boohoo.com to get my dress as there clothing is fairly affordable. I managed to find one I liked and thankfully they had a deal for Next Day Delivery for just £1.99. The downside is that they could only deliver to a shop 20 miles away. which for me is very far as I can’t drive. However I managed to get a lift over to pick it up because I wasn’t being defeated. This is the dress…


That’s my lovely boyfriend next to me in the first picture and Yes his braces are squint but he looks gorgeous none the less.

The dress I choose is a berry coloured wrap dress from the maternity section. I decided to go for a size 8 which was a bit of a tight squeeze and it did fit a little odd on my top half but it’s still such a nice dress. It feels of good quality and done me well for the night.

The shoes I wore are a pair of suede black heels from primark which I’ve had for quite a while. They do have a tiny platform at the front and the heel is quite thick so it made it easier to walk in them. However I had to get someone else to put them on for me as I really struggle to bend down to get them on myself.

That’s my complete outfit for the night. I did like it very much even though I looked   Rather mature. I really did enjoy myself also and it was lovely to spend a night out with my boyfriend. If you are wondering where his outfit is from he is head to toe in Clothing from Topman. It’s about the only shop he’ll shop in for his unbranded clothes. His shoes also are from there which are just a simple pair of loafers.

I hope you enjoyed reading about what I wore on Saturday, what was your favourite part of the outfit? Or did you much prefer his? Please leave a like! Xxx


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