I got a massive package delivered to my house the other day for me and it just so happened my Baby box arrived!!

The Baby box is as it says on the leaflet “a welcome gift from the Scottish government.”   Every newborn baby in Scotland is entitled to one of these boxes that are filled with lots of useful things for when baby comes along. It is an opt in service where you have to sign up for it with your midwife which I decided I would. Which I am glad I did because I’ve found I don’t have a lot of the things that are inside the box.


It also comes with a fitted mattress, sheets and blanket so you can use it as a safe place for baby to sleep. I can see how handy that would be for someone that possibly couldn’t afford a crib etc but I will be using it to store the baby clothes in as I don’t have anywhere to put them yet and there’s so much!!

I thought I would give you all a little nosey as to what’s inside and possibly my thoughts on how lovely this box is!

Bits and Bobs

  • Play mat – Far bigger than I expected! It’s very soft and thick as well.
  •  2 Baby books – one is in black and white which is good for when they are newborn, there is also the rhyme book.
  • Play cube to go along with the mat – It gives you ideas as to what games to play on the mat.


  • Comforter toy – I have so many teddies for him as it is but one more won’t go a miss!
  • Teething ring – Very squidgy feeling, I almost was tempted to chew it myself.
  • 2 packs of condoms – Obviously not for the baby!
  • Baby bath sponge
  • Nail emery boards – To trim babies nails.


  • Travel changing mat – It’s nice and small and lightweight.
  • Lansinoh breast pads 24 pack – I’ve seen really good reviews on these so I’m excited to try them.
  • Maternity pads – I’m glad they added some as I can’t seem to find anywhere that does reasonable priced ones. Instead I’ve opted for Kotex nighttime sanitary towels which you can see in my What’s in my hospital bag post.
  • 2 Muslin clothes – Always handy to have.


  • Digital ear thermometer – I’ve opened and tested it out and it’s works so well! These can be expensive in shops as well so it’s nice to receive it in the box
  •  Bath and room thermometer- I can see myself using this far too often along with the ear thermometer


  • Wrap sling to carry the baby in – Very large thick piece of material it comes in grey and I’m looking forward to trying it
  • A hooded towel
  • 2 fitted sheets for the also included mattress
  • Cellular blanket

Thats everything a part from the clothes which I will now go over but I am very grateful for all these baby goodies! It’s such a good idea!!


  • 1 Short sleeved bodysuits – Newborn
  • 3 long sleeved bodysuits – Newborn / 0-3 months


  • Side buttoning bodysuit – I wanted to point this one out separate to the others because I think it looks so coooollll


  • 2 pairs of Jersey trousers 0-3 months / 3-6 months


  • 2 (Very brightly coloured) sleepsuits 0-3 months / 3-6 months


  • 2 pairs of dungarees- One comes with feet. 0-3 months / 3-6 months


  • 2 pairs of white socks
  • A bib
  • A hat
  • 1 pair of scratch mittens


And the most cutest little hoodie jacket I’ve ever seen!! It’s fluffy and it has EARS!! :))


All these clothes feel of good quality and everything is brand new. I really wasn’t expecting much when I applied for this box but it really has amazed me how good all these things are. I couldn’t be happier with it and the little jacket is just my favourite thing.

These are a new thing and have only been released in the past year. Have you heard of them? Or maybe you even have one already! Let me know down in the comments. Thank you lovelies!! Xxx


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