I got this Palette a little while ago and didn’t use it much because of the colours. They were far too bright for me but lately I’ve been branching out as the weathers so lovely and I wanted a bit of pizzazz in my daily routine.


This pallete is called “Poptastic” it is from MUA. You can pick this up at Superdrug for just £4.


My first thoughts on the packaging are poor. It’s plastic, flimsy and easily breakable. It looks cheap and it feels cheap but guess what, it is cheap! For the price I can’t expect much more than this. There isn’t a mirror not that I’m surprised and if there is one thing I don’t like is when brands put a tiny sliver of mirror on the top not much thicker than my finger. They dont help and they usually only break. So at least they didn’t do that. It also came with one of those sponge doe foot applicators. Which I actually do appreciate as I use them for packing on eyeshadow and blending my concealer for a cut crease.The back of the packaging is pretty standard. With the ingredients list etc.


Overall the packaging is alright for what it is, it does it’s job fine even though it doesn’t look the best.

Product thoughts / swatches 

The actual eyeshadows themselves are excellent. They are a little dry and powdery but the pigment makes up for it. They are all bright shimmer shades with some of them being far more shimmery than others, the second purple in the palette is also duo-chrome which for it being so inexpensive is outstanding. They blend really well and are easily buildable. Here are the swatches I took on my clean bare arm. Right to left/ Top row to bottom row


I enjoy using each and everyone of these shades for various different looks. This is the look I created for you using just shadows from the palette.


As you can see you do not need to splash a lot of cash on some eyeshadows to create a nice vibrant eye look. I think its more about your personal ability to apply eyeshadow that matters because I think the vast majority of eyeshadows from any palette can look nice with a little time and effort. I really do recommend this palette from MUA, it does the job for me and I personally do not have £40 to spend on an expensive version of the same thing.

If you are a makeup lover and have a little space for another palette I would test this out for yourself and if your new to makeup then this is a really well priced, quality eyeshadow palette that’ll  help get you started.


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