Today my little baba is 34 weeks old!! Time has just FLOWN past and I really can’t believe he will be here at the end of next month!! In this post I’m going to talk about some of the ups and downs of how my pregnancy has gone so far. I’ve really enjoyed reading about other people’s experiences in pregnancy so I thought I would add to that and talk about mines. After all pregnancy is such a dramatic life change it’s important to talk about it.

First Trimester

I first found out I was pregnant when I was already 7 weeks along. I felt great, excited and even though it was a surprise I wasn’t in the slightest bit worried. I think my naïve, uneducated self shone through and took over me and only now do I realise how silly I was for thinking this would be a smooth 9 months and that every thing would be the classic picture film pregnancy where one minute she’s got a big beautiful belly and the next an adorable (quiet) baby. I’ve got to admit I think I’ve been pretty lucky with how my pregnancy has gone so far though. I’ve read so many horror stories and I am sure glad that they haven’t happened to me. I’ve got to hand it to all the mothers out there you all are so unbelievably strong and you all do not get enough credit for what you go through.

physically I felt normal all the way up until around 9 weeks and then it all hit me at once. I was throwing up every time I ate, I was constantly drifting in and out of sleep and the only time I woke up was to complain about the terrible smell of food. I think for the most part I lived off of Weetabix and oranges, its about the only thing I could keep down me up until I was about 15 weeks. At a point I was even munching on raw ginger as I read somewhere that it would ease the sickness a little. It didn’t and I DO NOT  recommend! I then came down with a really bad cold and I was completely out. You would think I was being absolutely pathetic I was constantly crying and being far too over dramatic. The aches and pains were also really terrible, I am only sixteen and previous to being pregnant I was very active and bouncy and you’d think I was a 6 year old in a toy store half the time. So once the back pain and Leg pain came in it felt as if my muscles and bones were giving in on me. Also I hadn’t gained any weight and looked just a little podgy and my boobs were so sensitive which also added to the frustration. I was half expecting to add on an extra 20 pounds over night. And as I type that I’m laughing at myself with my head in my hands because Yes!! that’s how silly I was.

Apart from me feeling as if I was dying I was actually medically perfectly fine and so was the baby. We were progressing well and even though I felt as if I wanted to give in some days. I’m so glad we got over the first 12 week hurdle and are still progressing strong today! I understand some women have it a lot worse and some don’t even get that far so don’t get me wrong I am so grateful for how my first trimester went.

This is the scan picture of him at 12 weeks:


Second Trimester

I’m so happy to report that the second trimester for me was as easy as pie!! Rachael was back! I felt like me again and even though I was a little slower, a little more out of breath and definitely a lot more emotional. I could at least get things done during the day and enjoy a decent meal and not worry about the smell of it. Plus all the symptoms had eased off so sometimes I’d even forget I was pregnant.

I had a little issue at around 15 weeks with extreme abdominal and back pain which I could only describe as major blasts of period cramps. I was sure convinced I had gone into early labour as the pain would subside and then come back a little later like a bomb going off inside me. So I went straight into hospital. They checked me over and gave me some morphine, which I threw up first and then they gave me a shot of it instead which made me go to sleep. It turns out there was nothing wrong with me and it was just an upset tummy 🙂 Yeh I’ve got to admit I’ve never had an “Upset tummy” like that before but at least the baby was A okay. I was then sent home doped up to my eyeballs on morphine and the next morning it had all gone away again and it hasn’t happened since which im glad about.

Apart from that mishap the second trimester just wizzed past and We were both doing excellent.

Third Trimester – So Far

I’m 34 weeks today so I’m still pregnant.  Not quite past the finishing line yet but I’m almost there!

How I’m feeling : I’m feeling quite happy. I can be a little worried and stressed at times but I’m now seeing a therapist to help with my mood. I have bad days and good days but at the moment things are looking up. I get tired a lot quicker now and I have to take breaks every 10 minutes it feels like. I’ve really slowed down now but I love a little walk along to the shop and things. I don’t like being inside much as it means I’m lying in bed because I don’t even know how I’m supposed to sit anymore :/

Changes in my body : The difference in me is immense. I’m now almost 9 stone which to begin with I was 6.6 and haven’t ever been any heavier than that so you can imagine how different this is for me to be of a larger size.


I’m now wearing maternity clothes all the time and long gone are the days that I could squish into my old jeans. My back is getting quite sore again but nothing I can’t handle. My boobs are far larger and heavier than they started off and they have dropped a little too. My belly button has popped and there is no way of hiding it but I’m just glad I don’t have major stretch marks.  I do have them down my thighs and round my bum, it looks as if a tiger has clawed me but I haven’t got any on my belly which I was hoping I wouldn’t do so I am happy about that. My skin on my face is a complete shambles though, before I was pregnant my skin was really good. I wasn’t prone to spots and I didn’t even know what oily skin felt like. Know my skin is oily with dry flaky patches and Clusters of spots and a bright red nose. Sooooo as you can imagine I’m not appreciating that part of pregnancy too much.

Medical – I have been taking aspirin throughout my pregnancy to make sure my blood pressure doesn’t go up as my mum has a history of pre-eclampsia. Thankfully I haven’t had any issues on that side of things. However I have been diagnosed with anemia so I now also take Iron tablets. I have really noticed a difference since I’ve started taking them and they make me feel far less weak and tired.

Since the beginning of my third trimester I have been going to see a consultant because of my weight. I visit with her every 3 weeks for a check up and everything is looking really good. I also see what’s called a family nurse every 2 weeks  because I’m only young and she gives me guidance on how to look after myself and the baby so it’s good to have her around too.

Me and my boyfriend/ babies dad have also been attending classes which is nice. It’s good to go out and learn a little more and see what other mums and dads are going through and how they are coping.

Little Odds and ends 

  • He, as you probably already gathered is a little boy!
  • The Midwife from the scan checked his weight and he is weighing in at 5 pounds!!! Which is a little big for my size and his age but I don’t mind. Better little bigger than too small.
  • I’ve had really strong cravings for pickled onions and I can’t seem to get enough of them!
  • His upper leg is 6 cm which is an odd little thing to add but it has me completely baffled that his little thighs are so big!
  • He is lying head down.
  • He is due on the 31st of July

I’m so excited for the last few weeks to come. It doesn’t feel like I’ve been pregnant for 8 months already! I couldn’t be happier about becoming a mum. I don’t see my age as a disadvantage as I have full support from both set of families and we won’t ever be stuck. I’ve learnt a lot these past 8 months and I’ll only keep learning as time passes by. I’m as prepared as i’ll ever be and at least I’ll still be fit and healthy for when my little boy becomes an adult.

I understand there are mixed opinions out there about young girls having children and I agree for the most part. Having a baby isn’t something to think lightly of and it’s so important to have everything else in your life sorted first before you have kids so I’m definetly not trying to promote teenage pregnancy by any means but I couldn’t be happier with where I am at in my life right now.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences down below!! 🙂 so please do comment if you wish xxx

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