I’ve only been tanning for about a year now. I’d got into it through a friend that was obsessed. I always thought it was such a waste of time and money when you can just go out into the sun and get a tan. 1. I didn’t realise how bad the sun actually is for you and 2. There isn’t any sun in Scotland most of the time. After I tried it once though I was completely hooked. It makes me feel so much more confident and far less ghost looking. I usually catch a good tan out in the sun but for when I’m feeling like I need a top up these are what I like to use ;



As you can see it’s boots own brand but it’s actually one of the more expensive ones I use. It’s £9.99.

I like this one for the winter time because that’s when I am my palest. I don’t really want to be putting on a super dark tan to where it looks so obvious and out of place in the middle of snow weather. This one I don’t Usually wash off in the morning because it doesn’t transfer and it looks nice and even as is which is handy when I need a quick fix and go. So if your starting off and your a bit scared to try tanning this one would be a good one for you as I’ve not had any faults with it so far and it gives my skin a bit of life when It could be easily mistaken for a white sheet of paper.


This tan cost me £7.99. This one is very similiar to the previous one except it’s a little darker and has a colour to it when you apply it so you can see where it’s going, which the other one doesn’t straight away. This is the very first tan I used and I still continue to use it. The smell is so good too!! It says it develops within the hour but with every tan I use I leave it on over night. It lasts up to about 2 days and it fades really evenly. Overall this is a good natural tan. Also good for beginners as I don’t think you can go wrong with this one.



At the other end of the scale there is this. I’d be lying if I said I went for one of the more natural ones for a day to day basis. This is my holy grail, to die for tan. I can’t find one any deeper than this and even though I look the colour of mud before I wash the top layer off, once I’ve washed it off in the morning it looks so good!! It’s not orange, It’s not patchy as long as you blend it in correct and you don’t have issues with eczema. I found because I suffer with eczema on my arms sometimes  If I hadn’t been maintaining my skin so well then it would stick to those bits but if I’m being honest I shouldn’t be using tan when my skins like that so it’s my own fault really. Apart from that It fades nice and it lasts for 4-5 days on me without topping it up. The only thing I can’t seem to get the hang of is putting this on my face. It doesn’t sit well on the oily bits then sticks to the dry bits so I usually just avoid my face. If you’ve been searching for a dark tan and none seems to be dark enough I would give this one a go. It’s not super easy to get a hold of but I’ve linked it up above and you can also get it in places like B&M and Semi Chem if you’re in Scotland. Plus this is such a good deal at just £3.99!


Now this one is expensive but worth it if you suffer with dry skin and just need a good tan that won’t make it look any worse. If you’ve been having a bad week, your skin is down in the dumps and no other dark tan seems to blend nice on your skin then I’d recommend this one to you. It is £14.99 which for me isn’t a reasonable price to pay for tan when I’m going through it at a rate of knots. So I do only use this one on the odd occasion when have no room for mess ups and weird bits. It is a 10/10 tan it’s not as dark as the St Moriz one but I do think you get the darker version called Ultra dark if you’d like something more than this. I personally don’t like the smell of this, it is coconut scented and it’s fairly strong so if you don’t like that (which I don’t)then maybe try something different but it does go away after the shower in the morning. If you have the money to spend then i’d say go for this one as it is extra special and i’ve read so many good reviews about it also so clearly it’s loved by so many.

So that’s it for my Top 4 tans. Please feel free to recommend me any you’d think I’d like because I’ve always got room for more in my collection. Wishing for you all a good looking tan this week lovelies xxx


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