I had popped into Lidl’s the other day to have a look in and on my way out I had been given a leaflet with the new releases for the week ahead. So upon browsing threw the leaflet I came across the new maternity line they’ve come out with so I decided to pop back in and grab a few bits considering I am now 33 weeks pregnant and anything maternity just doesn’t come cheap!

So let’s talk threw the things I got.  The collection is called “ESMARA” and in this collection I picked up a pair of jeans, 2 tops and a bra all for just under £20!! AMAAZZINGG DEALL!! Now are these actually good items you ask, well let’s talk about that.

First is the nursing bra…


Now this is My favourite! They had a few sizes 38D 38C 38E 40D. So there isn’t a massive range of sizes but I did manage to find one to fit me ( The smallest) which I was surprised at because even at this stage in my pregnancy my girls aren’t very big : (

The colour range wasn’t overly substantial either but I was fairly happy with the ones that they did do. I had a choice of pink, white, blue or blue with stripes. I was really looking forward to finding a pink one but I was out of luck as they only had them in the bigger sizes so for practical reasons I went for the dark striped one.


I really do enjoy this bra because the actual quality of it is 100% there. It’s soft, Fits well and is very comfortable, The clips work great and don’t get stuck or come undone on there own and there’s a lot of support with there also being 3 fasteners on the back. I can’t fault this bra and for only £4.99 it’s an absolute bargain!! I would recommend it to anyone looking for one especially considering the cheapest nursing bras I’ve come across don’t come much cheaper than about £15 – £20.

Also on my journey threw Lidl’s I picked up 2 vest tops which were on offer at 2 for £6.



I do apologies for the state the packaging is in but unfortunately a lot of them had already been opened in the store. Anyways I did decided to pick up 2 in a size small which I thought at the time was a size 8-10 which to my mistake just wasn’t the case. It was in fact a 10-12. So if you are on the smaller side I  wouldn’t recommend these as that’s the smallest size they do but if your not as small as me then these would be amazing for you as they also do a medium and large. Even though they are ill fitting on me they are still very comfortable plus they do have the roùching on the sides and as a top along with a pair of joggers or over leggings when I want my bottom covered then these are especially good for that. They do come in pink, blue stripes, blue or khaki.



Last of all, I did decided to pick up a pair of their maternity jeans even though the smallest size they had were a size 10. which on my legs I am definitely NOT a size of 10 but I figured I’d pick them up, try them and if I decided they weren’t for me I could always return them.


They range from a size 10 to an 18 and they have navy, grey and denim blue but again it’s “while stocks last” so you get what you see and I wasn’t lucky enough to get the denim blue ones I wanted in my size… which seems to be a recoccuring theme here. None the less I settled for the navy pair in a size 10. Now before I was pregnant keep in mind I wore a size 4 waist / 28 leg so to go from that to a size 10 they fit more like a mom jean rather than a skinny. I do also have to roll them up as they run really quite long on my little legs as I’m only 5ft 3. They are comfortable but they feel quite cheap, think primark and that’s what they feel like but for the price of £8.99 then it’s fair enough as I think that’s even better than the price of primark jeans these days but I wouldn’t know because I’ve not been able to buy any new ones recently as obviously I don’t fit in them anymore 😦 (MAKE MATERNITY CLOTHES PRIMARK!!)

Overall I would say if your not as small as me and your looking for some maternity clothes that are comfortable,not overly fashionable and are great value for your money then I would recommend you pop down to LIDLS to have a look because I was really surprised by what I got especially the nursing bra, I couldn’t recommend it enough.

So what do you think about there maternity wear? Would you buy it if you seen it in store? Let me know down in the comments xx


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